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UK Renewable Energy Roadmap

 12th July 2011

The UK Renewable Energy Roadmap (the “Roadmap”) is an action plan put together by the Government to unlock the UK’s renewable energy potential and to help meet the UK’s target of generating 15% of its energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. The Scottish Government has set its own target of producing 100% of its own electricity demand from renewable energy by 2020. The Roadmap was published in July 2011 and simultaneously helps to meet other carbon reduction targets and strategies.


The Roadmap identifies 8 key areas that the Government believes have the greatest potential to help meet the 2020 target as well as being cost effective and sustainable in nature or technologies that are believed to have great potential in the longer term. The 8 technologies are: onshore wind, offshore wind, marine energy, biomass electricity, biomass heat, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and renewable transport.


These 8 technologies are believed to be able to generate 90% of the renewable energy required to meet the 15% target. The remaining 10% is expected to be derived from other technologies including solar, hydropower, geothermal heat and power.


These strategies will enable the UK to become more independent and self sufficient to meet its own energy needs and energy production and become less sensitive to future fluctuations in fossil fuel prices.


The Roadmap highlights the following action points to aid growth for onshore wind:

1.            Reforming the planning system

2.            Overcome radar interference with wind farms

3.            Minimise investment risk

4.            Ensure cost effective grid investment and connection


The Roadmap reinforces the UK Government’s commitment to continue to support renewable energy. Particularly, it emphasises the importance of onshore wind to help meet the 2020 target to produce 15% of energy from renewable sources. The Scottish Government continues to support its renewable energy target of producing 100% of its own electricity demand from renewable energy by 2020.

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