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Record amount of power supplied from UK wind farms


The energy supplied to the National Grid by UK wind farms reached a record high of just over 4.1GW (10.8% of UK electricity supply), enough to heat and light over 3 million homes. Maria McCafferty, chief executive of RenewableUK, commented that “This record high shows that wind energy is providing a reliable, secure supply of clean electricity to an even-greater number of British homes and businesses. As our wind energy capacity increases, the need to import expensive fossil fuels starts to diminish. The transition to a low-carbon economy is well under way and harnessing this bountiful, free resource will help us to drive down energy bills for all users in the long term.” The previous UK record of 3.8GW, set in May earlier this year, was able to be surpassed because of the ongoing increase of onshore and offshore wind capacity. Currently, just over 5GW of wind energy capacity is connected to the grid and an additional 2.2GW of capacity is connected to local electricity directly. New records are likely to be set frequently in the future, as the renewable energy supply to the grid increases further.